What are the benefits?


By simply using a natural renewable resource, Solar PV Technology can generate up to half of a building's annual electricity needs and reduce your dependence on commercial suppliers. This not only allows you to minimise the impact of rising energy costs, but also saves approximately one tonne of CO2 per year.

There are five main factors that will affect how much energy a PV system will generate:

  • Total size of the PV array
  • Latitude of the location
  • Angle the panels are mounted
  • Any shading

Feed in tariff

With the Feed in Tarrif you'll even be able to make money, it guarantees a minimum payment for every kW of energy generated for 20 years.

Highly reliable, Solar PV systems have a typical lifetime of over 30 years with little maintenance required. An investement in this technology adds value to the property whilst easily meeting planning requirements for minimum contribution from renewable energy.