Financing the Green Deal

The Green Deal will enable people to pay for some or all of the cost of these home improvements through savings on their energy bills, allowing them to protect themselves against rising energy prices, and reduce their carbon emissions. The cost will be attached to the building's electricity meter. The cost can then be paid back over time, with the repayments being lower than the estimated savings on bills, giving an opportunity to benefit from day one.

The Green Deal Provider will calculate the repayments, including interest, that the household will need to make. While the repayments should be no more than what a typical bill payer should save, the actual savings will depend on how much energy is used and the future costs of energy.

Once a plan is agreed, the repayments are fixed for the lifetime of the Deal. Consumers do not have to stick with their current electricity supplier; they can change to any major electricity supplier at any time after doing a Green Deal.

If the household moves, the new occupier will benefit from the improvements, so they will take on the repayments.

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financing the green deal

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